Brown & Co use suite of Access software to bring consistent processes to their diverse business units, improving efficiency and visibility

The right fit – software and support

With impressive growth led by mergers and acquisitions, Brown & Co found that across their business they had a myriad of different systems and ways of doing things, as well as a heavy reliance on paper-based records and processes. Brown & Co’s Commercial Operations Director Alton Nutile explains, ‘Our need from a software system was twofold. Our first priority was to align our business processes. The second one was to cut down on paper and look to become more efficient.’

As Alton explained, Brown & Co explored a number of software providers, ‘Other providers we looked at didn’t align with our ethos, our culture and our size. That said we didn’t want to work with anyone too small, as we wanted something off the shelf. We were looking for software that we could tailor to what we want while still having that best practise approach. And it felt like Access were neither too big nor too small and were really aligned with what we wanted.

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